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In Praise of 4th Grade Social Studies

I remember fourth grade social studies because it meant LOTS of field trips. For those of you who may have forgotten, fourth grade is when you study the U.S. with a focus on the state where you live.

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Skip the Hotel Chains. Stay at an Inn.

From the backroads, you can find hidden gems, peace and quiet and, often, stay in cozy little inns that don’t look like they created their rooms on a copy machine.

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Indulge Yourself at The Canyon Villa

Just outside Paso Robles, California is a Tuscan-inspired villa sitting atop a hill, overlooking a vineyard-covered valley. As the front gates swing wide, you ease your way up the winding, tree-lined driveway toward the meticulously maintained villa. It feels like you’ve suddenly been transported to Tuscany!

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Wine Tasting – Personalized

We stepped onto the patio to a table set for two adorned with a fresh glass for each of the wines we would taste and shaded by an umbrella.

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S is Also for Sniff

On our recent California road trip, with the top down, Greg and I realized you can smell all kinds of things you’d miss with the windows rolled up.  It reminded me of family trips when I was a kid. We had a great big station wagon with wood panels on the side. On vacations, we’d… Continue reading S is Also for Sniff

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Breaking the Rules: S is for Sip, Savor and Sightsee

When I started my 26-year-plan to see the world alphabetically, I had only two rules: Never go back to a place you’ve been before and the trip has to be outside the 48 contiguous United States.  “S” is for Sip, Savor and Sightsee broke both.  I blame COVID-19. International travel is nearly impossible in this… Continue reading Breaking the Rules: S is for Sip, Savor and Sightsee


It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know.

I recently found myself walking past a former place of work. It was a Monday at 6pm. I looked around and noticed there was no traffic. None! This is a place that would normally be jammed with cars honking and jostling for a car length edge at the stop light. It was surreal, even a… Continue reading It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know.

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The Art of Effective Complaining

My mother-in-law turned 90 recently. She didn’t want a party or celebration, but family members kept asking for one until Greg and I told her she should consider changing her mind … peer pressure? She gave in and we decided a small gathering in her senior living facility would be the perfect solution. Her friends… Continue reading The Art of Effective Complaining

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Tombstone. It’s Not What You Think.

Tombstone, Arizona. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen several movies about this shoot-em-up, good-guys-versus-bad-guys Arizona desert town. I added the Gunfight at the OK Corral to my Arizona bucket list when we moved here. This is a classic old-west-meets-tourists-town … right?? WRONG! Above the mine a display invites you to try your hand… Continue reading Tombstone. It’s Not What You Think.

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Tubac … Call First

I am a shopper. I love to find the hard-to-find and unique items native to anyplace I visit. I support shopping from local businesses and family-run or artist-owned shops. It should come as no surprise that a recent trip south of Tucson included a stop at La Entrada de Tubac … a collection of shops… Continue reading Tubac … Call First