Sunscreen For The Holidays

Wherever you are this holiday season, may you enjoy health and happiness. Enjoy the season, avoid the crowds and celebrate with adventure in your soul.

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Up, Up and Away to the TWA Hotel

The hotel is the original TWA Terminal which has been painstakingly restored. The Eero Saarinen design still sends a weary traveler’s mind into the sky with its wing styling. The lobby soars and welcomes in a way that seems to have gone the way of days gone by.

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A is for Aviation

As a lifelong aviation nut, I became a private pilot in 1992. Since then, I’ve witnessed the shift to glass cockpits, GPS, and electronic flight bags, but missed the “glory days’ of personal air transportation in the 70s and early 80s. It’s much safer now, but incredibly expensive.

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Gift Ideas for Travelers

Hopefully, our spirit of giving is still alive and well. If you’re looking for a few tips on what to get for the person on your list with a chronic case of wanderlust.

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Light Up The Holidays!

We dropped the top on the convertible and inched our way through the maze of lights set to rockin’ holiday music. WHAT FUN! Lights blinked and flashed in-time to the tunes cheerfully playing on the radio.

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Adventure Is Closer Than You Think

You may be wondering, what does all of this have to do with travel? I mean, this is supposed to be a travel blog, right? Much of the country stayed home this year on a day that is renowned for packed roadways, crowded airports, and huge family gatherings.

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One Item – Do You Dare?

If you had to take a trip with just ONE item, what would it be? What’s the one thing that is absolutely essential to you when you travel?

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Weather Happens

Sing in the rain. Throw your head back and catch snowflakes on your tongue. Bundle up and embrace the brisk chill of a cold wind in your face. Peel off your layers and let the warm sun shine down on you. No matter what the weather is like, enjoy it.

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The Case for Loyalty

Our meetings the next day ran much longer than planned, so when we realized we needed to stay another night, we re-booked our flights home (another positive story) and re-booked another night’s stay.

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Do You Dare?

One of the things I find the most fascinating about travel is how different people around the world do the things we all do. Where we “go” is obviously one of those things.