Writing and Consultation Services

Initial Consultation (includes one written product up to $50) $50
Web Page Writing Assistance $50
— Home page/Landing page
— About Me
— Tour Description
— Travel Leaders (per person description)
— Additional page (just let me know what you need)
Email or bulk client letter $50
Email Package (typically six emails per trip) $120
— Thanks for registering and what to expect (check your passport expiration, anything that needs to be done well in advance, full trip description)
— One month out (tips on what to see and do)
— One week out (tips on what to pack)
— Day before departure (last-minute reminders and “have a nice trip” note)
— BRIEF check-in during trip (check-in and reminder to contact you if there are problems)
— Post trip follow-up (where can I help you go next?)
Additional Services (pricing based on your specific requirements) We can meet all of your writing, marketing and public relations needs such as presentation assistance, script writing, advertising copywriting, and marketing plan development.