I’m No Poet, But…

I left my phone at home today. Oh, the delicious freedom!

To look around, to ponder the faces,
most strangers, but some familiar,
my Metrorail companions.

I wonder…

Col. Beggs…Your lips move to some earbud voice,
but no words are uttered.
Are you singing?  Or maybe practicing a language?

I wonder…

Mom, your five-year old is reading the newspaper.  How rare these days!
What will he grow up to be?

I wonder…

Mr. Sad Sack Bureaucrat…eyes down, a frown on your face,
stomach lapping over your belt. What makes you so miserable?
Just the mere thought of going to work?

I wonder…

And you, Mr. Starbucks man…don’t spill that Venti Chai no-whip Latte.
Rules aren’t just for other people, comprendi?

I wonder…

On the right, my eyes are drawn to the airport,
glistening under a bright sunrise sky.
I want to go! Anywhere!  As long as I get to fly!

Suit and tie businessmen jump out of black SUVs,
late again, running for the gate.
Where are you going in such a hurry?

I wonder…

Two cars back, lovers embrace,
longing for one last kiss before letting go.
When will you be back together?

I wonder…

We roll underground. My focus comes back inside.
The train car is quiet, save for a few muffled voices.
Heads are down, deep into devices.

And I wonder…

Rejoice people!  Get up and get out!  Smile and laugh!
Because whether going to work or play,
Every day is full of wonder!

© The World A to Z, LLC 2015

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