Gratitude and Joy

Day 194 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Reruns

Those of us of a certain age remember when the summer doldrums extended to our TV viewing in the form of reruns. With no new programming, we were relegated to watching our favorite shows over and over again … or watching those series we missed.

As a kid the 70s, sitcoms were our TV bread and butter, and reruns were our leftovers.

Fortunately, with video streaming those days are long gone. We can watch what we want when we want, a technology that brings me great joy and for which I’m truly grateful.

I didn’t always feel this way. When we first “cut the [cable] cord,” the inability to channel surf was jarring. But now I’ve come to appreciate all the new and retro programming streaming has to offer. When Amazon dropped its first season of The Terminal List  last week, we binged-watched all eight episodes over a two-day period. The story came to life as we watched the drama unfold without having to remember what happened last week.

We binged-watched the story of a Navy SEAL who has nothing to live for but revenge.

And just yesterday, a Facebook meme featuring Yellowstone character Rip Wheeler got me pining for the series’ “reruns” as we wait for season five and its various spinoffs. As I write this, we’re re-watching season one and seeing the story in a new light. I’m truly grateful for today’s version of reruns.

Judy and I have our favorite characters. Can you guess who likes who?

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Let your TV bring some of it closer from the comfort of your couch.

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