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We’re Baaaccckkkk! (K is for Krakow: Greg’s Side of the Story)

Krakow -- Room With a View

Wow, what an incredible journey.  Four countries in 13 days. New sites that I never would have imagined just a few years about.  History revealing itself in front of my eyes.  Nature’s splendor unfolding before me.

I’ll let the the pics tell part of the story, but as a “technical virgin” (Judy’s phraseology) to the A to Z concept, let me share a few observations …

Judy’s got this traveling thing totally DOWN!  I let her be my guide and in doing so, learned new ways of doing things and appreciated the trip even more.

We tried exceptionally hard NOT to be typical American tourists and I think the experience was better for it.  We bought and wore European style clothes.  We ate at restaurants that were off the beaten track.  Where possible, we tried to speak the language (to be fair, this was really Judy … my contributions were really limited to “thank you” and “please” — I promise to be better next time).

Traveling in the Winter is fabulous!  It was cold, of course, but we were prepared for it.  And there was a warmth we felt in the Christmas markets that you simply cannot get in the U.S.  As the pics show, there were some incredibly beautiful landscapes that are only possible when there’s snow.

So now we’re back and I’m still reveling in how much fun we had.  I’ll share some more observations in the coming days, but for now, it’s time to get back to the real world … and start planning for “L.”

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