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K is for Krakow – A Christmas Wonderland

Krakow - Wawel Castle dragon breathes fire

Here we are in Poland!

It’s a little unnerving for this Cold War veteran to be in a former Eastern Bloc country … but not my first time. Nonetheless, everytime I find myself in a country that was once part of the Soviet Union I feel a little nervous. That said, the Krakowians are delightful. Everyone here speaks English (thank God since I don’t know any Polish and the alphabet has some fairly strange-looking characters.) It’s cold and snowy, which is exactly what I wished for. Greg and I have had a great time bundling up and seeing the sights. Our hotel is a little apartment, Ventus Rosa Apartments, so we’ve had breakfast in after a fun trip to a local grocery store. The Christmas season is in full swing and the store was chock full of Christmas goodies. There is a classic European Christmas market on the old town square, complete with mulled wine, hand-blown ornaments and all kinds of local treats.

Krakow - Christmas market 4

Last night we even found Restauracja Galicyjska (The Galicyjska Restaurant) that specializes in “Old Polish Favorites and Wild Game.” I dove into a scrumptious hunk of wild boar in a bison vodka sauce, while he had pork shish kebab. It’s a blast here, but we aren’t staying forever. Tomorrow we hop on a flight to Germany and the town where I went to high school. Until then, more sightseeing.

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