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Ask A Local!

No matter how many websites you peruse or how knowledgeable your travel provider is, finding that place only the locals know happens only when you ask a local.

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Boardwalks, Promenades and Piers

Dry off your feet and wander a bit among the crowds for some local flavor.

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The Charm of Trains

Wander through the doorway marked “Novelties” and you are greeted by sparking, tiled logos glistening along the walls, reminding visitors of the heyday of train travel.

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Please and Thank You

I’ve seen people who claimed to not be able to speak any English suddenly become quite fluent just by showing them I am trying to use their language.

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Travel Inspiration

The last grad I knew was a few years ago. I bought him a bag to use when he travels and delivered it with a quote that I love: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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I’m Not Quite Ready

I’m simply champing at the bit to walk down the jetway onto a jumbo jet, settle into my seat and snooze across an ocean for an international adventure, but I am leery about countries having to shut down suddenly due to a surge in this virus.

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Curing Wanderlust

I lifted the out of the box and read the gold words: “For fast relief of the incurable desire to travel.” 

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Dreaming of Travel

There I was, halfway through my first cup of caffeine, thinking about travel.


Is It Time To Travel Again?

I feel a little like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. I feel like I’m ready to flex my wings, warm and dry them in the sun and feast on all the world has to offer.

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When faced with a weekend day, a sunny forecast and nothing particularly pressing scheduled, we flip a coin, grab a map and go exploring.