Flying, Gratitude and Joy

Day 142 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Window Seats

... then I spotted the green trees and fields that bordered the Mississippi River as we crossed over Louisiana.

Flying, Gratitude and Joy, Travel

Day 124 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Flying is Fun Again

... with the mask mandate being lifted,  perhaps we can come back together as a traveling public, embracing the GOOD that travel brings us.

Flying, Gratitude and Joy

Day 107 – A Day of Gratitude and Joy – Jet Noise!

We both smiled as we relished what is often called “The Sound of Freedom”!

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Night Flights

No conversations pierced the silence. No babies cried.

Flying, Gratitude and Joy, Travel

Day 12 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Air Travel

The sheer realization that all the people around me will soon be soaring through the air  -- or just came from there --  reminds me that nowhere is out of reach.

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Air Shows

It’s not just about the scream of jet engines and heart-stopping, low-level flybys that draws me to a show. It’s the buzz of excitement about the other planes ... that offer up close and personal glimpses of aviation power and flexibility. 

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The Airport Lounge

Most airlines offer day passes if you want to try it out. 

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For the Love of Travel

The age old question lovers ask each other popped into my head, “Why do you love me?” If travel could ask me that, how would I answer?

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The Contrails Are Back!

Contrails, after all, are visual reminders of how easy it is to travel the world and experience new and exciting things.

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Up, Up and Away to the TWA Hotel

The hotel is the original TWA Terminal which has been painstakingly restored. The Eero Saarinen design still sends a weary traveler’s mind into the sky with its wing styling. The lobby soars and welcomes in a way that seems to have gone the way of days gone by.