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Honey vs Vinegar

Laughingly I said, “What if you send me back to DC and put me on the direct flight to Phoenix tomorrow morning?” She clicked a couple of times, smiled brightly and said, “Sure, that’s easy! Why would you want to do that?” 


I Shoulda Done It Sooner

My regrets are that I never learned about the flavors of the world until I was old enough to travel it on my own. We had all these different cultures on our block and we were all simply roasting hot dogs and flipping burgers at the block parties.


Meet The Winemaker – Italian Style

We marveled at the deep, elegant, spectacular aromas and the fascinating party of excitement playing out on our taste buds.


Straight Shooting

It’s a testament to why she is a current national title holder. The contests are scored on time and accuracy. Her skills were obvious.

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(Epi)-curiosity – More Stuffing

Carving the loin into slices revealed a scrumptious-looking pile of fruit-enhanced slices.


Making Space

Two days later, the whole space is back together. We now have sleeping accommodations for four … complete with artwork on the walls and mood lighting.

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(Epi)-curiosity – Stuff It

Greg was in protein heaven. These are BIG servings. He devoured his. I saved half of mine for lunch the next day.

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Meet the Winemaker

If you’re a wine lover like I am, there’s always a reason to sip a glass … but the chance to get up close and personal with the face behind the wine is rare.

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(Epi)-curiosity – Teriyaki Beef with Snow Pea Pods

I called dibs on the leftovers for lunch the next day and discovered the whole thing was just as tasty a day later ...

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(Epi)-curiosity – Chicken Kiev

To be honest, I started to google recipes before remembering my plan to actually use the cookbooks. I flipped through several before landing on a recipe for “Country Style Chicken Kiev.”