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Day 318 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Ever-changing Vistas

On a recent trip through Colorado, we drove from the Sonoran Desert floor up onto Arizona’s Mogollon Rim with its pine trees and red rocks. 

Gratitude and Joy, Road Trip, Travel

Day 239 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Wisdom of Friends

If you’re a beer-lover, however, this is your kind of place. There seems to be a brewery on every corner.

Gratitude and Joy, Road Trip

Day 238 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Open Road

There’s something uniquely American about racing down an open highway in a performance car with nothing but a wide expanse of land and sky in front of you!

Gratitude and Joy, Road Trip, Travel

Day 169 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – My Map Guy

As we got close to leaving on the trip, we spread both maps out on the dining room table and made sure we knew our route.

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Everything Old is New Again

Burns was worth the trip … for the beauty and charm of the town, for the stunning example of reusing an old building rather than tearing it down, and for the perfect place to meet up with friends.

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Fall Colors

Climbing into the mountains in Idaho, the bright, fall yellow leaves on the Aspens shimmered in the sun. Then other colors started to appear: all manner of reds and oranges.

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Lessons From the Road

Then the extra space got the best of us. As often happens, we filled the space available to us.

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A Road Trip Experiment

With more and more people taking road trips, I hope a few of our lessons learned will help you plan a perfect road trip soon.

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Some Things Never Change

This time, Judy and I are with our ten-year-old granddaughter on a much shorter but still memorable visit to iconic western National Parks. It brings back a flood of memories highlighting all that’s changed … and stayed the same!

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“B” Is For Bryce Canyon

We headed north and west on Route 89 through the northern Arizona plateau, gazing at the constantly changing landscape as we rolled into Utah.