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Day 169 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – My Map Guy

I knew Greg was a little obsessed with maps the first time I saw him looking one over in the office. That was the office at work – long before we ever had a single date. We were coworkers, collaborating on projects regularly. He was tasked with visiting a branch office for our work and pulled out a map to check out the route.

Several years later, we were on a date, strolling through some little town somewhere. We stepped into an antique shop and both stopped to dig through a bin of old road maps. We quickly discovered we both have a love of those old maps and the charm they evoke.

Old maps are cool!

We rarely leave the house without checking a map first. Greg loves to drive, so he’s usually behind the wheel and he’s much more comfortable when he has an idea where he’s headed. Even when we’re just going across the valley, he’ll call up a map on Google and double check the route while he makes sure we don’t need to detour for road work.

Just the other day, Greg checked the route to the other side of town.

Recently, we were planning our epic Italian road trip. I knew that meant we’d need maps. I bought a huge fold-out map of Tuscany and Umbria, then picked up a road map at AAA that included all of Italy. As we got close to leaving on the trip, we spread both maps out on the dining room table and made sure we knew our route.

We highlighted the route.

We have maps on the wall in our guest room, aviation charts hanging in the garage and an entire box of folding pocket maps for cities around the world we’ve visited.

My well-used maps have a special place on the bookshelf.

I love that Greg is such a map guy. I’m grateful for the care he takes in planning his trips and knowing where he’s headed. Pouring over maps brings us both joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Check the map before you go!

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