Arizona, Food, Gratitude and Joy

Day 25 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy

Today I am grateful for Mexican food … which shocks me and brings me joy.

Food, Gratitude and Joy

Day 21 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy

Our neighborhood market isn't a huge, but it’s got a little of everything.

Food, Gratitude and Joy

Day 18 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy

I found a recipe last fall that offered “no knead” bread. I was skeptical.

Food, Gratitude and Joy

Day Three – A Year of Gratitude and Joy

I met Greg when I was almost 50. When we got together, I had never even tasted an artichoke or an avocado.

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Day Two – A Year of Gratitude and Joy

I am now grateful for the dozens of pucker-producing peels, and the prospect of having homemade limoncello for Valentine’s Day brings me great joy!

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Mescolare Tutto (an Italian spin on leftovers)

I've used as much as half a bottle of wine and as little as 8-ish ounces. Everything about this recipe is to-taste. It's pretty much full proof. Make what you love, add your favorite flavor. Make it yours!

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A Surprising Delight in Jerome

Judy named his Arizona spin on a Screwdriver (with Prickly Pear and mango purees) the Double Whammy, while my modified Whisky Sour was refreshing and fantastic.  And the food? To die for.

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Chillin’ in the Desert

We relaxed, sipped, savored and chatted. Before we knew it, we’d spent almost three hours chillin in the desert.

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Ask A Local!

No matter how many websites you peruse or how knowledgeable your travel provider is, finding that place only the locals know happens only when you ask a local.

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Eat Local

French food in St. Louis is never going to taste the same as in a bistro or boulangerie on the Rue Sainte-Anne in Paris. Much of the reason for that is due to the way the ingredients are made and rules and regulations about how restaurants cook their food.