I Shoulda Done It Sooner

My regrets are that I never learned about the flavors of the world until I was old enough to travel it on my own. We had all these different cultures on our block and we were all simply roasting hot dogs and flipping burgers at the block parties.

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(Epi)-curiosity – Teriyaki Beef with Snow Pea Pods

I called dibs on the leftovers for lunch the next day and discovered the whole thing was just as tasty a day later ...

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(Epi)-curiosity – Chicken Kiev

To be honest, I started to google recipes before remembering my plan to actually use the cookbooks. I flipped through several before landing on a recipe for “Country Style Chicken Kiev.”

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(Epi)-Curiosity – When Life Gives You Lemons

We drooled as we savored the brightness the lemon added to everything. The flavors popped. The veggies gave just the right crunch. Even the wine paired perfectly.

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(Epi)-Curiosity – A New Pork Pan Sauce

Lips smacked. The only sounds were the slicing of the pork and chewing. Moans of satisfaction and “mmmmm’s” of deliciousness filled my ears.

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(Epi) Curiosity – Lasagna Cupcakes

One taste and we declared it a success.

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What About the New Year?

It’s been relaxing, but my muse keeps tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me to get back to the keyboard.

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Day 336 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Memories of Morocco

A little slicing and mincing, some measuring and the menu was set for a simple, yet somehow exotic, evening meal.

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Day 334 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Leftovers

I laughed, but here I am on Black Friday morning, wishing there was a little stuffing in the fridge for breakfast.

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Day 221 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Around the World in Two Days

That’s the fun thing about eating in places like these, they feed our wanderlust along with our stomachs.