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Pack Like a Celebrity … Sort of

Throwaway shoes?? Does everybody have enough disposable cash to buy a pair of shoes with the intent of throwing them away?

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When (Most) Everything Goes Wrong

The food was delicious, but we had a good laugh over the Southern-isms printed on the wall and even on our waitress’ t-shirt.

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We’ll Always Have Paris

For me, Paris was always a place to feel at home with my best friend and her family.

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Road(ster) Trippin’

We found a small cooler that fits in the trunk, even with the bags. In it, we can put a few water bottles, some snacks…even a bottle of wine (or two)!

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It’s Spring

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the warm sun is making more regular appearances leaving us all with the urge to get outside and soak up some vitamin D. What are you waiting for?

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Weekend Lessons Learned

I, for one, am looking forward to a return to the way it used to be (or, at least, something close). 

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COVID Vaccine – What Does It Mean?

The COVID vaccine is not a magic bullet to normalcy. It’s not a cure. It’s not even a passport to the world. It MIGHT make it easier to travel.

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Cheers to Celebrations!

Anything can be celebrated. Don’t depend on anyone else to give you a reason. Find your own!

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Maps and Cameras Or “How to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist”

I try not to be that picture-snapping, fold-out-map-consulting person, but it happens.

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Music Drives Me

...when The Go-Go’s Vacation came on, it sparked my thinking about favorite songs that put me in the traveling mood.