Stop Blaming COVID-19

Caution: Rant ahead!

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Walking the Neighborhood: A Study in Contrasts

For me, walking always gives me a different perspective on a new place that can only be achieved at ground level, outside, and at a slow speed.

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Look Down

I find myself sneaking peeks at the street a little more often now. There are stories to be found in the images forged into these maintenance access doorways. 

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Recapture Your Youth

He relaxed and slipped into a state of joy that can only be achieved when you are comfortable with what you’re doing and loving the sensation of recapturing a youthful joy. 

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Ask A Local!

No matter how many websites you peruse or how knowledgeable your travel provider is, finding that place only the locals know happens only when you ask a local.

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Boardwalks, Promenades and Piers

Dry off your feet and wander a bit among the crowds for some local flavor.

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The Charm of Trains

Wander through the doorway marked “Novelties” and you are greeted by sparking, tiled logos glistening along the walls, reminding visitors of the heyday of train travel.

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Eat Local

French food in St. Louis is never going to taste the same as in a bistro or boulangerie on the Rue Sainte-Anne in Paris. Much of the reason for that is due to the way the ingredients are made and rules and regulations about how restaurants cook their food.

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There's something about a place you called home for many years. When you go back, you know the roads, the shortcuts, the scenery. It's familiar ... but not. We lived inside the I495 beltway around Washington DC for several years. We traveled from all three DC area airports for years. We commuted into the city.… Continue reading Home?

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Please and Thank You

I’ve seen people who claimed to not be able to speak any English suddenly become quite fluent just by showing them I am trying to use their language.