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A Dam Blog (Hoover Dam)

Once you’ve walked the dam, get back in your car and drive it. There’s very little traffic and it takes you to the overlook parking areas on the Arizona side.

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A Sweet Local Find

When the Cerreta signature French mint truffles are being made, the entire building smells of spearmint and chocolate.

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Desert Rain

The sound of raindrops on the roof awoke me from my slumber. Far away, distant thunder rumbled through the night sky.  It was raining in the desert. Waking up to the sound of rain is a rarity here, even more so this past year when we went broke the record for days without any measurable… Continue reading Desert Rain

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Lake Pleasant

We followed the signs around a few bends, past soaring Saguaro cacti, to the boat ramp, where the Roadrunner Trail meets the parking lot.

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Light Up The Holidays!

We dropped the top on the convertible and inched our way through the maze of lights set to rockin’ holiday music. WHAT FUN! Lights blinked and flashed in-time to the tunes cheerfully playing on the radio.

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Stop and Smell the Roses

Amid the white-puffed green of cotton plants and colorful, fruit-laden citrus trees are acres and acres of roses.

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A Desert Museum That Warms You

I didn’t expect to love this museum when we arrived, but we are already planning a return trip in the spring to capture the plants in seasonable bloom.


Light Up Your Own Life In Tucson

If you’re looking for a sign to tell you what to see on your next vacation, look no further than an industrial section of Tucson.

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Vulture City – a Real American West Ghost Town

When I hear “ghost town” this is what I imagine. It’s truly abandoned. There was no crowd on this particular Sunday afternoon, in fact, we only encountered only a handful of other people as we explored the buildings.

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A Whole Lot of Nothing Leads to Something

We rounded a bend in the road as we neared the obstacle. It’s a steel truss bridge; a hulking, rusting, LONG bridge.