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I’ve spent the last couple of months reflecting on the choices I’ve made in life and celebrating the decisions that got me to where I am now. Today, especially, I cherish the memory of one of those choices.

Seven years ago today, I spent the day in Key West. I don’t remember how the day started, but as the sun rose over the Keys, the day warmed up under blue skies. I chatted with the friends who shared the home we rented for this occasion then headed toward Duval Street. I’d made an appointment to get my make-up done for that evening and sat back to enjoy the process.

During the appointment, Greg called and asked me to walk the extra block and-a-half to a store nearby to pick up a belt they were holding for him. He’d forgotten to pack one. It was an easy errand despite a relatively tight schedule.

Greg smiled as he saw me in my dress.

About an hour before sunset, I put on a dress and my carefully chosen accessories and walked out into the living room where our friends and Greg were enjoying a quick celebratory toast.

Ready to set sail for our wedding.

We headed down Margaret Street to the docks and climbed aboard the Blue Ice. We chartered the 47 foot sloop for an important sunset event. 

The captain managed to keep the light from the setting sun on our face through the entire ceremony.

Her captain motored out of the harbor and raised the sails as we cruised to a small cove where he magically turned her an inch at a time to keep the setting sun on us as we walked to the bow of the boat and exchanged our vows. 

Aaron officiated the ceremony.

Aaron was our officiant. His guidance and class kept us calm while Carol snapped away, capturing the day in stunning photographic perpetuity. 

We toasted our union with our witnesses.

My daughter and Greg’s best friend witnessed the vows – both the formal ones Aaron read and the ones we’d written to share with each other. 

The crowd on shore applauded and cheered as we headed back to the dock.

As the sun set over the Florida Straits, we sailed back to the harbor as husband and wife, reveling in the shouts of congratulations from those on-shore and toasting each other and the choice we’d made.

I choose happiness.

Life is all about choices. I tell people that all the time. Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. You can choose to enjoy the ride or grumble through it, but having done both, I can assure you enjoying it is a lot more fun!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. I hope everyone has someone special to share adventures with.

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