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(Epi)-curiosity – Chicken Kiev

The question of the day last week was: “What are we going to do with these gigantic chicken breasts?” I had picked up a package of boneless skinless breasts and, like always, was repackaging them when I got home. The breasts ranged from 13.5 ounces to 22 ounces … for CHICKEN! I remarked those were closer to turkey sized and threw them into the freezer.

These things are huge!

Greg and I love hosting dinner parties, but more often than not it’s just the two of us for dinner. We took out one of the larger breasts and I grabbed a cookbook off the shelf. To be honest, I started to google recipes before remembering my plan to actually use the cookbooks. I flipped through several before landing on a recipe for “Country Style Chicken Kiev.” I had all the ingredients, so when dinnertime came around I got to work.

This oldie-but-goodie is full of fun recipes.
In case you want to give this one a whirl.

First step: cut that huge breast into manageable pieces and pound ‘em out. That was harder than I expected. I usually pound out pork or veal so I was a little heavy handed at first and kind of massacred one breast, but in the end I had four useful pieces.

My pounded out chicken wasn’t very easy to roll.

Making the flavored butter was a first for me and WAY easier than I expected. I’ll be doing that a lot more in the future. Simply mix the softened butter and herbs, plop the mixture into plastic wrap, twist the ends and pop it into the freezer to harden.

Onion-garlic butter … seems like this would be good for a lot of things.

My chicken breasts weren’t as pretty as the ones in the recipe (I LOVE cookbooks with pictures so you can see how it should look,) and needed a couple of toothpicks to secure them. I dredged them in the melted butter as directed and coated them with the crushed crackers. 

Ready for the oven

From there it was just a matter of time as they baked to perfection. We threw some broccoli in the steamer and dinner was done.

Delicious. Chicken Kiev with broccoli.

Lessons learned: Your food doesn’t have to be picture perfect to be delicious! We had planned to save a couple of pieces for lunch leftovers, but they simply didn’t last. I think next time I’ll try to find regular sized breasts and see if I can make my Chicken Kiev pretty. Yeah … there will be a next time for sure. This was easier than expected and super tasty.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. This time I started by exploring what was in the pantry.

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