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The Trip Countdown

Less than a week to go and all I can think about is our upcoming vacation. “K” is for Krakow. I guess I should fill in the blanks for you.

This is year 11 on a 26-year plan to see the world. I started with “A” and am working through the alphabet one letter a year. “A” was for Alps, “B” was Belize, “C” was Czech Republic, “D” was Dublin, “E” was Easter Europe (an “E”questrian adventure in the Carpathian Mountains), “F” was Fez, Morocco, “G” was the Galapagos Islands, “H” was Hindustan (otherwise known as India), “I” was Italy and “J” was Jamaica. I’ll share the tales of those trips in the coming months here … with photos.

Anyway, I’m up to “K” on my plan and have a new travelling partner. We are both eagerly anticipating this trip, especially since he’s never been to any of the places on our itinerary. So, we’ve already begun packing (and NO, not in backpacks!). Our packing list is short as I’ve mentioned. We plan to check two small bags. One of those will be in a much larger one so we have plenty of space to bring everything home that we plan to buy. In other words, we’re just about ready to go and getting more excited every day.  

Stay tuned!

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