Getting Ready – Neverending Lists

I am a list maker. It’s somewhere between habit and obsession. Weeks before I leave on a trip I start writing lists … Things to remember to pack; things to remember to do before I go; things to do when I’m at my destination. The trip I am getting ready to take with my guy ends 2 days before Christmas and that got me thinking I may need a special list for this trip … things to remember to have in the house so we don’t have to go shopping on Christmas Eve when we are both jet lagged and crowds abound.

The funny thing is, we have decided this trip will be different that any trip I’ve ever taken in the past. Instead of packing all the things we will need in Europe. We’re packing for one or two days and buying everything we need once we get there. Why buy a new pair of shoes for the trip? or shampoo and conditioner? If we’re going to need those things, why not just get them once we arrive. Sure, that means we will likely spend a lot of time shopping, but that’s PERFECT for me. I love to shop and this time I will actually be able to BUY things.

Of course, that means a whole new list … things to buy while I am on vacation. This particular list is a lot like the “remember to pack” list, but also includes a lengthy section on who we need Christmas presents for and ideas of what to get them.

You must be wondering how I keep it all straight. The truth is, I don’t. That’s half the fun. Plan it out then wing it. Sure, I put the lists in places I can find, but with all these lists, something is bound to fall through the cracks. That’s when the true adventure of traveling begins. So join us … we leave in 10 days.

Stay tuned. It will be, like always, an adventure!

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