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A World of Christmas Memories

Wherever you are this Christmas, may your spirits be bright and may joy fill your heart and home!

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N is for Nürnberg

Christmas in Germany is magical, at least for me. The Germans are the best at Christmas markets and somehow walking around a market square sipping gluhwein and shopping for seasonal specialties feels very Christmas-y. That’s why we decided to head to Nürnberg for the “N” trip. The Christmas market there is known around the world… Continue reading N is for Nürnberg

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K is for Krakow – A Christmas Wonderland

Here we are in Poland! It's a little unnerving for this Cold War veteran to be in a former Eastern Bloc country ... but not my first time. Nonetheless, everytime I find myself in a country that was once part of the Soviet Union I feel a little nervous. That said, the Krakowians are delightful.… Continue reading K is for Krakow – A Christmas Wonderland