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N is for Nürnberg

with gluhwein

Christmas in Germany is magical, at least for me. The Germans are the best at Christmas markets and somehow walking around a market square sipping gluhwein and shopping for seasonal specialties feels very Christmas-y.

red ornaments

That’s why we decided to head to Nürnberg for the “N” trip. The Christmas market there is known around the world and the idea of spending a piece of the season in Bavaria evokes thoughts of snow and gingerbread and sounds of “O Tannenbaum” ringing in my head.

Sure enough, the sights and sounds of the season did not disappoint us. Our boutique hotel just two blocks from the world-famous Kristkindl Markt was an easy train ride from Munich and a 10 minute taxi ride from the Bahnhof in Nürnberg.

aisle markers

We arrived just in time to get checked in, change and refresh and head out to the market where the medieval atmosphere and architecture added to the festive spirit in the air.The main Christmas market is row upon row of classic German gifts and treats.

wooden ornaments

There are ornately carved wooden ornaments.

gingerbread heart

Nürnberger gingerbread hearts hang from stalls and offer greetings.

nurnberg angels

Some of the stalls showed off unique items …like the Nürnberg angels …


a twist on the classic German angel Christmas tree topper.

window box

Window boxes, filled with brightly colored flowers much of the year, are filled with greenery and ornaments.

night market

Daytime in the market is festive enough, but when the sun sets, the lights go on and the entire market square is illuminated for the holidays.

reflected bridge

But Nürnberg is more than just the Christmas market. The city really is ancient.

medieval reflection

The river that runs through the town is crisscrossed by charming walking bridges reflected on the still,
gently flowing water and dotted with charming views that transport you back to ancient times.

grilling brats
brat and pretzel sandwich

When it’s time for a break … there’s nothing better than a German bratwurst … hot off the grill. That is unless you opt for another German delight … the pretzel sandwich (in my case stuffed with ham, cheese and German pickles.)

I rave a little about Germany. Living there as a teenager has always given me a bit of comfort about traveling throughout the country. I feel a bit at home there.  That’s a lot of what draws me there during the holidays, but it’s a beautiful country year round. If you get a chance, go and visit. Drink a beer. Eat a bratwurst. Sample the culture. Remember, there’s a whole world out there. Go see it.

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