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A World of Christmas Memories

Wherever you are this Christmas, may your spirits be bright and may joy fill your heart and home!

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O is for Orseolo

The best part of having your own plan to see the world is being able to make it fit your personal wishes. That was especially true of the “O” trip. Greg and I wanted to go somewhere romantic, European and hopefully Italian. Neither of us had ever been to Venice (well, to be fair, I… Continue reading O is for Orseolo

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I is for Italy

I is for Italy, specifically Florence. I often tell people that Italy is actually several countries. No, not politically, but gastronomically. After all, what better way to get to know a place than through its food? In the north, Italy is Alpine. There are thick, warming stew-like sauces and heavy, hearty meals. In the south,… Continue reading I is for Italy