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Day 183 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – T is for Tuscany

Both Greg and I have been writing these mini blogs about our trip to Italy … and many of them are about Tuscany. We spent five days in the Italian state known for its wine, cheese and meats. But by far, one of the best things about Tuscany is the scenery.

From the minute you enter Tuscany, you begin to spot the iconic views of villas surrounded by stately Italian cypress trees.

Every corner revealed another villa on a hilltop.

You see thousands of acres of grape vines … sporting dozens of different kinds of grapes. 

New grapes on the vines were everywhere in Tuscany.

You drive past signs pointing to Montepulciano and Chianti and other towns with names that tout the wines they are known for.

Tuscany is home to delicious wine … and so much more.

You drive up and down the hillsides and mountains, weaving along narrow roads as you approach historic walled towns perched on the mountaintops and offering views, history and incredible cafes.

Everywhere you look there are vineyards, villas and spectacular scenes.

As we drove to our hotel, I was astounded. I couldn’t believe every bend in the road afforded another view that seemed to come right out of a Hollywood movie. It was awe-inspiring and stunning.

Then we checked in. We dropped our bags in our fairly spacious room, walked over to the window and gasped. This was the view we would wake to for our five-night stay! 

The view from our room.

There were flower boxes blooming in the window… and wine to enjoy …

What a great way to spend a little time resting our feet.

And sunsets!

The sky filled with color as the sun set over Tuscany.

We could easily have stayed longer … exploring more of the villages, visiting the hometown of Romeo and Juliet, checking out why the cheese here is so delicious, and tasting wine in hundreds of wineries! Perhaps a return visit is in our future … but we are grateful to have had such a wonderful stay and seen so many things that brought us joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Stay in one place and check it out a bit once in a while.

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