Is a Billion Dollars worth it?

Would you risk everything for a billion dollars?

A friend of mine recently posted something on Facebook about how he’s never bought a lottery ticket before and was wondering, with the jackpot over one BILLION dollars, should he go for it?  His reasons for asking really got me thinking.

He said that his life is incredibly blessed and wonderful. He was talking to his partner about the lottery and, like most of us, they got into a discussion about what would happen if they won. They realized they would have to move, get security, change their phone numbers and deal with all the attention that would come from a win.

As I read his post, I was struck by his wisdom and honesty. Excellent point, I thought. I mentioned it to Greg. We have a lot. Most importantly, we have each other, good jobs, the flexibility to travel to a lot of exciting places and more.

All of my friend’s points are true. If you win a billion dollars, your life … nearly every aspect of it … will change. Sure, you’ll be able to buy whatever you want, but your freedom will be restricted because you’ll be hounded by the media, at least for awhile. Some of the things that frustrate you won’t change: idiot drivers will still be idiots; stores will still be out of stock of certain items; clerks will still be rude … you won’t be able to control those things.

Is it worth the risk? I decided, for me, it is not! Then I went out and bought a couple of tickets anyway.  Good luck to you all!

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