Gratitude and Joy

Day 13 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Puppy Kisses

There’s nothing quite like happy puppy kisses!

I’ve had a dog most of my life. I was the instigator for my first puppy. I’m pretty sure I bugged my mom until she relented. 

The first puppy didn’t last long. She got fleas and mom found her a new home while I cried over the loss. I was five years old. A few years later mom was willing to try again, no doubt due to dad and my cajoling. Dad was my partner in crime and came home from the office one day with a tale of a coworker who’d gotten orders for overseas and couldn’t take his new puppy. A couple of days later, Dojie came to live with us. I had just started second grade. I was in heaven.

Dojie – who loved burrowing under the covers at night for snuggles.

When I went away to college, mom and dad had a new puppy who I got to play with and visit on weekends home. It wasn’t until I was married that I got a full-time replacement. Apollo came home from the pet store and was just old enough to be a big brother when my daughter was born.

Apollo loved hanging out in the sun … even if it meant being a yard obstacle.

From there I got puppy kisses from Max and Indy … and loads more from my daughter’s family pups, Ace and Rummy.

(From front) Rummy, Ace and Indy snuggle together on a cold morning.

Stacy and I even managed to find a big snuggle pup on our horseback riding adventure in Romania. She followed along on our daily rides and enjoyed hugs and scratches during breaks.

This dog followed us for a week through the Romanian countryside and loved snuggle breaks.

When Greg and I got together, we spent months talking about getting a dog. The trouble is, every time we got close we were ready to set off on a new adventure. So … we decided to be responsible (albeit sad) and devote our need for “puppy time” to friends and neighbors. Now, I get most of my puppy kisses from Stella, a neighbor’s newest family member; Toby, the next door neighbor’s fur baby; and Coal, my daughter’s new black lab.

Coal was about eight weeks old here … and, like most babies, spent a lot of time sleeping.

It’s not the same as having my own dog, but it satisfies my craving for puppy love and kisses. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Meet a fur baby on your travels.

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