Gratitude and Joy

Day 57 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Andrea Bocelli

I love to sing along with whatever music is playing. When I was young, our house was filled with singing. It was just a thing we did. My sister even spent a number of years in a musical career. One of my favorites is singing along with Andrea Bocelli. The Italian tenor’s music stirs my soul. I look up the words and try to sing along in his language. I’ve even warned my neighbors that they may hear me warbling along when the door is open.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when I heard Signore Bocelli was coming to town, I grabbed tickets for the show! We even made it a staycation, booking a hotel room nearby. As the doors to the arena opened, we made our way to our seats and I asked Greg to poke me if I started singing along.

We were the final stop on the Valentine’s Tour

As we settled in, neighbors pinged us and we discovered they were just a few rows behind us. We snapped pics of each other for fun before the lights went down.

The full orchestra and choir took their places and music filled the hall! I was in heaven.

Andrea Bocelli on stage.

It was spectacular to witness this phenomenal artist singing along with his guests – a soprano, a popular Latin songstress, his ten-year-old daughter Virginia and his handsome (and now a professional singer like his dad) son Matteo. The audience went wild! We even managed to get him to come back for FOUR encores!

He changed to a more casual look after the intermission.

After the show, we joined our friends for a quick drink before falling asleep to delightful memories of music playing in our heads. As we awoke, the sun streamed through the window to welcome the day.

Peaks of sunlight lit up the sky as we awoke.

I am grateful for Andrea Bocelli and his stunning, superb music. It fills my heart with joy and helps me laugh at myself as I try to sing along.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Let music play in your heart wherever you are.

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