Gratitude and Joy

Day 98 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Bunco

One of the great things about moving around a lot is you’re always learning new games to play. As a kid it was different versions of hide-and-seek or kick-the-can. In my teens, I learned a lot of card games and even tackled backgammon for a while.

It was backgammon and records back then. (Photo courtesy

When I had kids … and later grandkids … I re-learned classic board games and even had a lot of fun learning new ones.

We all shared laughs as we took turns trying to avoid a face full of whipped cream.

The games we play as adults often border on the inappropriate, but we’re also into the classics like Scrabble and Uno. Who doesn’t love to lay down a ‘draw 4” on a loved one just for kicks! 

Many of our games have adult themes now.

When we moved to Arizona, someone asked me if I’d ever played Bunco. That was a new one on me … never heard of it. So, my new neighbor/friends invited me to join the monthly Bunco group. I gathered up my six one dollar bills and joined a dozen ladies for the evening playing a new game.

For this evening there were eight of us.

We laughed and cheered everytime someone shouted “bunco” and tossed our bunco doll to the lucky player. I learned at the end of the night possessing the doll makes you a winner!

When you get a Bunco, you win temporary custody of the Bunco doll.

We pooled our ones, the hostess tabulated the evening’s results and several lucky players went home winners, while others went home with lighter wallets, but sparkling eyes and enthusiasm for next month.

I was a winner … well, I broke even, but that’s a win at Bunco!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Keep learning new ways to have fun! As they say, “it’s in the cards.”

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