Gratitude and Joy

Day 108 – A Day of Gratitude and Joy – Judy’s Optimism

A Note From Judy – It’s weird posting a blog about yourself … especially one that someone else writes, but, I offered Greg the freedom to write blogs when he wants to. I initially pushed back on this one, but he insisted (a little). So … here goes:

Judy’s commitment to write daily about gratitude and joy is infectious. It touches everyone who reads these blogs. For me, this is a daily constant, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Judy has a way of making everyone near her smile (with Micky Dixon).

We often forget how the moods of the people around us affect our own moods and lives. Live with a person who is constantly depressed or angry, and you, too, will feel the same. Judy, on the other hand, constantly offers up how grateful she is for the life she has and the joy she feels. “Don’t wake me up from this dream,” she often says. As a result, I constantly feel joy, happiness and gratitude.

Judy has the most infectious smile

Recently, I was driving home alone from a day of sailboat racing that was more arduous than fun. I felt embarrassed. I felt like I had let myself down. In my mind, however, I heard Judy’s voice, bucking me up for the decisions I made. I was feeling failure, but her voice in my head quickly turned the intimidation I experienced into resolve!  SHE did that … I wasn’t always this happy, but since we have been able to bare our very souls to each other, sharing each other’s darkest, most hidden fears. Because we’re able to talk frankly about those challenges, we’re able to rise above them and bring joy fully into our lives.

A favorite of the two of us that says it all.  (Carol Tedesco photo)

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Taking an adventure with someone who feels the same joy and happiness you do makes the journey that much more worthwhile!

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