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Day 107 – A Day of Gratitude and Joy – Jet Noise!

Chatting over dinner recently, we paused as a couple of low-flying jets from nearby Luke Air Force Base passed nearby. We both smiled as we relished what is often called “The Sound of Freedom”!

We’re both airplane people. Judy grew up on Air Force bases, so she was constantly exposed to this wonderful sound. My dad took me to airshows and I lived in various places under flight paths, so looking up whenever an airplane passed was part of my life. I lived briefly near Andrews Air Force Base shortly after 9-11…the sound of fighters and other aircraft taking off was a constant reminder of the freedom we continue to enjoy…and how tenuous that freedom is.

Fighter jets from Luke AFB practice close formations in the blue skies over the desert.

When Judy and I got together, one of my first surprises for her birthday was a picnic at Gravelly Point near Washington Reagan Airport. Here, the commercial airliners make their final turn onto “final” when flying the “River Visual” approach along the Potomac River. At this point, they’re flying just a couple hundred feet over our heads. The day reminded Judy of the many times her dad took her to the end of the runway on various bases to watch the planes land, and for me the many times I’d grab lunch and go to a local airport to do the same. It was truly a joyous experience.

Watching planes land took her back to her childhood.

We know jet noise isn’t for everyone, but we LOVE it. There isn’t a weekday (and the occasional weekend) where one of us doesn’t shout, “Jets!” as they soar overhead, often several thousand feet up; sometimes feeling like they’re buzzing the house.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Celebrate the “sound of freedom” of the jets we fly to get there.

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