Gratitude and Joy

Day 106 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – My “New” Laundry Room

Let’s face it, one of the worst chores ever is laundry. There are loads of reasons for that (pun intended). It’s never-ending; it involves many steps; it’s time consuming … well, you know. We joke about disposable clothes. We groan and complain … then we do it anyway.

When we moved into our home, we got a new washer and dryer. I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed that technology hadn’t come up with a machine that could sort, wash, dry and fold my laundry, but at least I got a fancy new set that not only offered a steam refresh setting on the dryer, but came in a pretty red. After all, I reasoned, a laundry room should at least be pretty if you have to be stuck in it doing a chore.

An online ad inspired me to create a beautiful laundry room.

Time went by. I used my laundry room for its intended purpose, but I would search images in catalogs and on pinterest for ways to make my laundry room more inviting. I even snapped pics of ideas when I was out shopping.

Then, I came up with a plan … add some shelves for extra storage, throw some fun art on the walls, maybe even add a pretty little lamp. 

I forgot to take a “before” pic, but this was very early in the makeover.

Over the past week, Greg helped me figure out what I would need – shelf brackets, shelves, art, color-coordinated storage bins. I managed to snag the find of a lifetime when a nearby Target store still had some Christmas-red bins available … at HALF PRICE!

SCORE! Thank you, Target!

Then we got to work. We took out the old shelf, painted the walls, and Greg hung all the new shelves.

He headed to the lake for a day of sailing and I stayed behind, determined to get the room done. In the end, I stood back and admired the finished project with glee. 

I think it’s inviting.

OK, sure … the laundry piled up for about a week while we recreated the space, but at least now, when I’m switching loads or folding, I have a downright lovely space to do it in. That’s a reason to be grateful and filled with joy – right?

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. You’ll need clean clothes for your journey.

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