Gratitude and Joy

Day 118 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Joy of Others

One of the great things about being an optimist is finding joy everywhere. This blog has already taught me a lot about gratitude and joy … and finding it in little things. But, it has also opened my eyes to the joy of others. There’s a study that found that the happiest people take pleasure in other people’s successes. I’m here to tell you that’s certainly true for me!

A recent online trip through my friends on social media put a huge smile on my face … 

The joy of a neighbor describing the “must do” Verde Valley Railroad adventure she was on with friends …

Neighbors enjoyed a local trip … and shared their joy.

A friend proudly and joyously flying a smiley face flag now that she’s received her final divorce decree after an agonizing fight to the end …

Our newly single neighbor let us know her happy news.

And some moments etched into my memory to fill me with joy over and over again … Memories of my grandkids laughing and shrieking as they splashed in the pool …

Squeals of delight and splashing fun always puts a smile on my face.

The handwritten card from a beloved aunt, reminding us how much we’re in her thoughts …

Rereading thank you cards reminds me to share my joy, too.

The joy of others is contagious. I see these things and remember these moments with smiles. I feel the joy viscerally. I can be in a bad mood, and hearing others’ happiness removes the darkness.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. In a world filled with pain and hurt, look for the joy of others and be uplifted.

PS … MANY THANKS to my poetic husband, whose inspiration and smiles and contributions to this blog and so many others bring me more joy than I can measure.

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