Gratitude and Joy

DAY 140 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Books (The Real Ones)

Email. Research materials. Training manuals. Standard Operating Procedures. Web stories and social media drafts. Scripts and talking points. Unless I’m in a meeting, my work life is about reading and writing (and thankfully, not much “rithmatic”). I read ALL DAY, and yet one of our favorite leisure activities is to read. 

Books, that is. Real ones, with paper and a cover.

There really is something great about a good book.

We read novels voraciously. We have our favorite authors … David Baldacci, J.D. Robb, Daniel Silva, and Lee Child among others who create series featuring interesting and dynamic characters. 

Some of our favorite authors.

I’ll dig into non-fiction, often about history; some semi-work related.

Historical fact is enlightening and often fascinating.

We have a slew of books in our library signed by the authors that are very special to us. Some of the authors are our friends, who constantly push Judy and me to write our own stories (we’re working on them … we promise).

Our collection of books signed by authors continues to grow.

The common thread is that each of these volumes remains in its original typeset ink-on-paper format that Gutenberg intended. There’s nothing like the feel of a real book in your hand. Its portability means you can take it anywhere. With no “boot-up” time, you can read a few pages or a chapter when you have just a few minutes, which makes them a great distraction from the dopamine surge that social media or cell phones bring. Marking-up interesting passages in pencil or ink, and dog-earning those pages, is so much more satisfying than artificially highlighting text on an electronic reader or tablet … and encourages you to come back to see what you were all excited about!

Well read, marked and flagged books fill a shelf.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Grab a book, find some shade in a park or sit down at a café with an espresso or a glass of wine and relish the simple joy of reading. 

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