Gratitude and Joy

Day 139 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Puzzles

Putting a jigsaw puzzle together has got to be one of the most popular family activities. They are fun and, depending on the size, can be anywhere from easy to utterly gobsmacking. No matter the size or level, though, there’s something joyful about putting that last piece in.

We have a small collection of puzzles in our game closet. We’ve done them all, but so far, we’ve never done one twice.

We’re excited to try the murder mystery puzzle.

Last year, when my grandkids were visiting, we pulled out one we bought in a national park and worked on it as a family. It was fun and astounding to watch our then four-year-old granddaughter simply spot a piece and put it exactly where it belonged. Greg and I were aghast, but her mother shrugged it off as if it were a daily occurrence.

A Christmas book gives insight into why they are so good at puzzles.

There was a time we were visiting Greg’s mom in California. She was a big fan of puzzles and almost always had one in some state of completion. Several of us gathered around her table on the patio and worked on it for hours, chatting and laughing and just having fun together. I am immensely grateful for memories like that.

Family time and puzzle time go hand-in-hand.

I remember a time when my daughter was three. We had a huge puzzle we worked on for weeks on our living room floor. I was a single mom then and it was a great way to engage her and just be together and happy. When we were done we glued it together and hung it on the wall where it stayed until we moved away. Sadly, that was before digital cameras and there are no pics of our puzzle assembling adventure, but it’s a memory I cherish.

Recently, a neighbor gave us a puzzle of colorful sailboats. We opened it up, spread the pieces out and spent a few hours putting it together. It was a fun, easy evening. We’ve done it before and will no doubt do it again. 

Sorting the pieces is always the first step.

I am grateful for the simple things that bring me joy. Like jigsaw puzzles.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Have fun with a puzzle every once in a while.

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