Gratitude and Joy

Day 143 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Raise a Glass

It’s been a couple of very long years. We’ve battled being shut off from each other for the sake of safety. We’ve struggled with loneliness and isolation. We’ve yearned to return to hugs and smiles and sharing meals. On the road back to being social, we’ve had setbacks, but it now looks like the dark days are coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many who continue to struggle with concerns, but for the most part, we are able to gather together again to celebrate our achievements and successes.

Such was the case recently when our yacht club was able to hold its annual Commodore’s Celebration. We gathered together at a local country club to toast the success of the outgoing board and welcome our new leaders.

Past Commodores gather for a group shot.

We celebrated with great music and camaraderie

Jazz Musicians Howard Allen and Mike Gellar perform.

We partook of the buffet options and savored our meals together.

The buffet offered tasty options.

We feted the sailors who achieved greatness this year by winning their fleet championships

Fleet champion awards.

And we gave a standing ovation to the first woman to win the Club Championship in Arizona Yacht Club’s 64-year history

Club Champion Jen Lee and her crew Joel claim their trophy.

It was well attended and full of cheer and revelry. As the evening wrapped up, I realized how grateful I am to be a member of this club and the joy I felt that we were able to come together as a group and celebrate the year’s accomplishments.

The crowd filled the room and chatted happily through the night.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Celebrate your achievements with others.

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