Gratitude and Joy

DAY 152 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Holding Hands

I’m a hand holder. I love linking fingers with someone I love and strolling. There’s something special about the physical connection of holding hands.

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From our days as young children, we learn that holding hands is important. Our parents insist on holding our hand in parking lots and crossing streets. While we may not like it as a child, it doesn’t take long before we realize it’s done to protect us and keep us safe.

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As kids, we hold hands with our friends. I remember as a girl I would hold hands with my best friend as we skipped to school.

Holding hands and skipping is a great reason to smile.

When we become teens, the simple act of linking hands with a member of the opposite sex signifies a relationship. When you hold hands in the school hallway, friends know you and the person you are linked with are “dating.”

Linking hands under the desk is a high school rite of passage.

My husband and I hold hands all the time. Even when we go for a walk in the neighborhood, we hold hands as we stroll. It’s less formal than linking my arm through his, although we do that too. 

Of course we held hands on the way to our wedding.

We even hold hands while we watch TV.

We hold hands even when we’re just hanging out.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Hold hands with the ones you love along all of life’s journeys.

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