Gratitude and Joy

Day 156 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Curated Playlists

Prepping for our trip to Italy, I wanted to play some music that would brighten our already anticipatory mood. Grabbing my phone, I pulled up Amazon Music and looked up “Italian Pop” playlists. Up came “La Vita è Pop!” The 50 song, two-hours long playlist is “Curated by Amazon’s Music Experts” according to the description. I asked Alexa to play it, and we listened to bouncy, fun Italian pop music while we continued packing. What fun!

La Vita è Pop! on Amazon Music

We’ve written about the joy of building and playing music on our Amazon Echo devices to match every mood. We even created a road trip playlist that I downloaded to my phone so that we can hear our driving favorites even when we’re far off the beaten track.

Link the Bluetooth and jam to your own curated playlist.

It turns out Amazon’s curated playlists are pretty good, too. I’ve listened to Hard Rock Workout while pumping iron and Relaxing Rain Sounds when sleep comes furtively. Judy and I listened to their station Spa when giving each other massages. They’ve even created a My Year in Review 2021 of our 100 most-played songs … seven full hours of music!

We’re excited to try this playlist.

Music always brings great joy to our lives. It’s uplifting and often provides the perfect accompaniment to what we’re doing at the moment. Whether you listen to Amazon music, Apple music, Spotify, Pandora or any of the other music services out there, check out a few options outside your normal stations or playlists. I’m truly grateful that all of them have simplified the ability to take music with you wherever you go.  

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Let online music experts create a soundtrack for your travels.

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