Gratitude and Joy

Day 157 – A Year of Graitude and Joy – Men in Suits

Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man

ZZ Top

Last month we had to go back east for Greg’s work. As hepacked, Greg questioned whether or not to add his suit to the luggage or just go “business casual.” I reminded him that the DC-area trends more formal than most other places. He put the suit in its bag.

He begrudgingly admitted he needed to pack his suit.

For two days, he woke early with the alarm, dressed as I continued to doze and commuted to his office. When I finally got up and prepared to face the day, I considered what to wear. I was essentially a tourist in my former hometown — and the forecast was balmy. I opted for shorts, comfy shoes and a simple shirt.

As I strolled to a nearby grocery store to grab a few things for snacks, I was thrilled to see so many men in suits. To be fair, the women were also dressed very professionally, but there’s nothing quite like a man in a suit!

Greg cuts quite a dashing image, even in a sports coat.

The area is home to a Federal Courthouse and several high-end offices, so it’s no surprise the fashion is more upscale than tourist areas. It was fascinating to see a few people eating their take-out in the park.

A couple of professionals chat in the shade near their office.

I’m grateful I don’t have to get all dressed up for work anymore, but even more grateful for those who do … and seeing them in their “work clothes” brings me joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Try not to be too casual among all the “suits.”

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