Gratitude and Joy

Day 158 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Deliveries

Early last week I wrote about my gratitude and joy of online shopping. It brings me joy and leads me to another great joy – deliveries!

A day or two after I click the “submit order” button, a delivery driver appears at my front door with a package. I love packages!

A package sits by the front door.

I’m always excited to open the box and see which of my purchases has arrived.

Not all packages arrive in boxes.

Inside that cardboard box, under the stuffing and padding, the item appears. Sometimes it’s something we needed … like soap or a security gate to keep our new puppy out of trouble …

What lies beneath the padding?

Sometimes it’s clothing, replacing a well-worn (ok, worn OUT) favorite pair of shorts or shirt …

New shorts arrive from Amazon.

And sometimes it’s something for a special occasion or trip, adding a little sparkle to my eye as I anticipate the event.

It’s always festive to receive new wine.

No matter the contents, those taped, sealed envelopes and boxes always make me a little giddy. I’m grateful to all the men and women delivering these packages to me and hundreds of thousands of others like me.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Getting deliveries before you hit the road adds to the anticipation! 

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