Enzo, Gratitude and Joy

Day 192 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Our New Puppy

I promise I won’t fill my blog with an abundance of posts about our new puppy, but, as I mentioned in my first post, there will likely be a couple more throughout the rest of the year. We spent a good chunk of the spring getting ready for our new addition, then, when we came home from Italy, we went straight to the breeder to pick him up.

Greg says that kiss sealed the deal for him.

By then we’d spent weeks getting ready for him. We replaced some plants in the yard that were not pet friendly and created a lengthy list of all the things a responsible pet owner would need to welcome a puppy into their home. 

He plays hard and sleeps hard.

It was a very busy time as we were planning a two-week trip to Italy, a week-long visit of my daughter and three grandkids, and getting ready for Enzo – yeah, we picked a name. There were a couple of scares as Enzo was one of a very large litter, but in the end all the puppies were happy and healthy.

He was calm and went to sleep easily the very first day home.

He’s been with us for three weeks now. He’s been to the vet and is almost done with his puppy shots. He’s met several neighbors and has learned to relax and enjoy time in the pool with us.

Enzo chills in the pool with us.

We know we have months of teething and house-training ahead, but we are excited that he’s already loving tug-o-war and fetch.

Chasing a ball is one of his new favorite games.

I am filled with gratitude for this little addition to our family. I am overjoyed to welcome a dog back into our home after several years of being puppy-less. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. From here on out, Enzo will be a nearly constant traveling companion!

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