Gratitude and Joy

Day 197 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Giving Back

I sit here looking at an envelope on my desk that came in the mail last week. The front asks “Please fill a bag for a Vet.” When it arrived, we laughed about the perfect timing. I’d just cleaned out my side of our closet and we were getting ready to go through Greg’s clothes. A week later, we’ve accumulated five bags for the Wednesday pick-up.

This organization makes it easy to give back.

But that’s not all. As Enzo has grown, we already have a few small items to give away. I reached out to a local animal rescue group over the weekend and while they are not accepting donations, they referred me to a small pet rescue who will be receiving my very lightly used items.

Learning what your puppy wants and needs leads to inevitable items to give away.

All this got me thinking about giving back. Greg and I regularly donate blood. With the current shortage, that’s more important than ever and we are happy to keep rolling up our sleeves.

We give blood regularly at our community blood drive.

Donating things instead of selling them or throwing them away is a habit instilled in me by my parents. My dad was always bagging stuff up and dropping it off somewhere. He always said, “just because you don’t want it anymore, doesn’t mean someone else can’t use it.” He was right! There are so many people out there who benefit from the services provided by organizations that accept your no-longer-needed-or-wanted items. 

We all have something in our closet that we never wear. Give it to someone who will.

It seems like a hundred years since I was a single parent, but I remember accepting hand-me-downs from friends who helped me out and I know what a relief it was to know my growing daughter had clothes that would fit when I couldn’t afford anything new. I’m grateful I can now give back. 

Giving your time is also just as important … but that’s a subject for another blog!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Knowing someone else can use the things you know longer need helps lighten your load for the journey. 

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