Gratitude and Joy

Day 208 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Getting Stuff Done

Unlike most in our neighborhood, I’m not yet retired. I am blessed to work for an organization that allows me to work remotely from my home office. I do work that I love and it continually challenges me. I’m not ready to give that up!

Working from home, I enjoy the glorious luxury of not spending time commuting. I typically wake up early to knock off a few writing and problem-solving projects when I’m at my most creative. Since most of my co-workers are on the East Coast, I’ll often have early meetings, conducted virtually. These are commonplace as COVID made working from home a reality for all of my co-workers. I can work at my desk that I’ve configured the way I want it, or take my laptop outside to enjoy the sunshine. An early start means an early finish, so I’m usually done for the day in the middle of the afternoon which gives me plenty of time to play or relax. And, if there’s a particularly pressing deadline, I can keep going without working well into the night like I did in my youth.

Judy and Stacy supervised the kids in the pool, but I could enjoy their antics and work, too.

Yesterday was a particularly good day. I had a few meetings, all with positive outcomes, but the bulk of my day was committed to what I call GSD — Getting Stuff Done. I cut what had become a full page of “to-dos” in half, delegating several assignments to team members and completing about half a dozen small projects. I made some major headway on a larger writing project by compartmentalizing the outlines into smaller chapters or sections, then wrote two chapters! On top of all that, I cleaned out my inbox completely!

Checking off many boxes on the to-do list is particularly satisfying (Photo courtesy:

At the end of the day, I joined Judy in the courtyard and proudly showed off my new and much shorter to-do list and offered to get us some cocktails in celebration. She gladly accepted the cocktail offer, while laughing at my list, “That’s as of right now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!”

As I write this, my email box has blown up a bit, but I’m thankfully and joyfully ahead of the game. Nevertheless, it’s time to GSD.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. We’ve often said we work to pay for our travels … enjoying the work you do to pay for those trips makes the wait until your next adventure worth it!

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