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Day 207 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Chillin’ in the Mist

One of the great things about living in the Valley of the Sun is the ability to enjoy the sunshine pretty much every day. Of course, the drawback of never-ending sunshine is that it also brings some pretty intense heat. With triple-digit summer temps a constant, we’ve been searching for ways to create enough cool to spend more time outside.

Neighbors invited us over a few weeks ago and as we sat out on their patio, cooled by misters, we realized there is a cooling solution. We got the name of the company that installed their misters and called for a quote. Less than three weeks later, Shane arrived in the morning. He ran the lines, installed the professional-grade pump and within five hours we were testing the system

Shane hides the water line near the foundation.

That afternoon we set the table and prepared to enjoy dining al fresco once again.

A simple spaghetti and wine meal to welcome our return to dining outside.

With temps beyond the mist hovering around 108℉, we enjoyed a pleasant 85℉ in the mist-cooled shade of our patio.

Due to monsoonal storms, there’s enough humidity to see the misters in action.

Around the valley, misters are ubiquitous. Businesses understand that shoppers will linger if they offer a cool place to window shop and browse. Many homeowners here have also figured it out. So far, we’re scratching our heads wondering what took us so long to make the decision to add some cool to our backyard.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Staying cool in the heat helps you enjoy wherever you are.

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