Gratitude and Joy

Day 206 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Upgrades

We have solar panels on our home. It seemed a no-brainer in one of the sunniest places in the U.S. to create our own electricity using solar power. There’s a website that allows us to monitor the system and make sure everything is working properly, but this spring we were notified that the way the system communicates is through cell phone technology.

Many of the homes in our community are creating their own solar power.

What that meant, according to the email, was that due to upgrades in technology, our system would need a $500 upgraded device in order for us to keep monitoring our solar panels. My first thought was, “how long until the “new” one will need to be upgraded?” I picked up the phone and called to learn more.

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I spent almost an hour listening to the elevator music on hold and the pre-programmed ads for services available through the company that services our panels. One of them perked up my ears. It mentioned electrical services and other options for monitoring your solar system. When the agent came on the line, I asked about that first.

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It turns out, since we have wifi in our home, we could use that to monitor the panels without the need for cell technology. The best part? It would only be a couple hundred dollars depending on how far the outdoor panel is from the modem. YAY! Lower cost, faster install and longer-lasting technology. That seemed like a win-win and we scheduled a visit with a technician.

Within a week, Preston and Marcus were running cables and plugging in a pair of adaptors. It took less than an hour and the monitoring system was back online. 

I can monitor my solar panels on the app.

In a twisted sort of way, I’m grateful for the long hold time when I heard the ad. I’m grateful for the option that is not only less expensive, but is already in place (the upgraded cell phone system has a months-long waiting list for parts). I’m grateful for Preston and Marcus, who were friendly and professional and conscientious during the installation. I’m grateful for knowing my solar panels are still doing their job and I am doing my part to ease the stress on the power grid during this record-breaking heat … and for my lower electric bills! 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Take care of your home so you can relax more when you’re out exploring.

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