Enzo, Gratitude and Joy

Day 222 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Enzo’s Vet

My little puppy has been sick for a couple of days. It all started late Tuesday, as Enzo got sleepy and not as playful. I figured it was because Greg had left on a trip for a couple of days.

By Wednesday morning, Enzo wasn’t himself. He didn’t go potty outside … or inside (we are still housetraining) when he woke up. Then he went right back to sleep.

Enzo slept on my lap most of Tuesday and Wednesday.

I was starting to worry. By mid-morning, he still hadn’t gone potty. I called the vet and got an appointment. By the time we headed into town, Enzo had only peed a little – and only once. The vet wasn’t too worried, but took x rays and did a urinalysis.

An xray showed no stones or damage.

The picture showed there was nothing wrong, so the vet suggested the likely culprit was a UTI. He said it’s fairly common in dogs and easily treated. They gave little Enzo a shot to get him started on an antibiotic and I went home with a pint-sized bottle of amoxycillin. 

Just like a baby, Enzo gets his medication with a syringe.

By Thursday afternoon it seemed things weren’t any better. Enzo was straining a bit to go to the bathroom and whimpering. We headed back to the vet. This time we got an anti-inflammatory with a little painkiller in it. It seemed to work. The moment we got home Enzo peed. 

Greg got home a few hours later and Enzo snuggled right into him. The pair slept together like a classic “boy and his dog.”

Enzo and Greg snuggled under the covers together.

This morning he got up with Greg and they both dutifully did their business like good boys! I am relieved that Greg is home and Enzo is feeling better. I am VERY grateful for the staff at Animal Medical Center of Surprise for their care and devotion. Mostly I am filled with joy to see Enzo recovering quickly.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. You just can’t enjoy it when your puppy isn’t well.

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