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Day 275 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Mothers and Daughters

National Daughters Day was Sunday. It got me thinking about the two most important women in my life – Judy and her daughter Stacy. Technically, Stacy is my step-daughter, but she was well into motherhood on her own when Judy came into my life. So I prefer to think of Stacy as this fantastic woman and mother who is a great friend and someone I’m fortunate to be semi-related to. But that’s not the story here … this is about the bond between a mother and a daughter.

Stacy has a similar bond with her three kids.

At a minimum, Judy and Stacy text every day, and often speak on the phone … certainly at least two times a week. Yesterday, I came home from an appointment and they were on the phone, bantering away as usual, but the tone of the conversation was truly upbeat. I went into the office to take care of a few things. About 10 minutes later, they were still on the phone, this time on speaker so I could hear what they were talking about. The crux of the situation was that Stacy had just read a novel that truly spoke to her about the life challenges she’s going through right now. And she wanted Judy to get that book immediately and read it … immediately! Only then could Judy relate, Stacy said. Judy, ever the consummate on-line shopper, placed an order with Target to get the book today (along with a few other things like paper towels in order to get free shipping!). I have a feeling I know what Judy is going to be doing all day!

Judy took Stacy to midnight mass at the Vatican when she was a baby and they had a personal encounter with Pope John Paul II

Married twice previously, I’ve seen the relationships between my exes and their own mothers, both good and bad. I’ve seen the relationship my sister had with my mother, and those she has with her own daughters. These ties are strong, but I’ve never seen the depths of the bonds Judy and Stacy share. They’ve traveled the world together. They’ve celebrated all of life’s ups and downs — the marriages, divorces, birth and death — together. Sure, they sometimes bicker and fight, and sometimes the conversations are sad or bittersweet, but more often it is a true joy to see and hear them engage. I have no kids of my own, so I am truly grateful to be able to witness this bond first-hand!

These two women have a remarkable bond that is a joy to observe. (Photo: Carol Tedesco)

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Some of the best things are between a mother and daughter.

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A Note from me: I woke up this morning set to write today’s blog. Greg greeted me with a cup of coffee and a kiss as he mentioned he’d written a blog for today. We usually coordinate his blogs in advance, so it was a surprise. Even more surprising was his comment, “I hope you like it and it’s OK for me to write.” When I read it I was thrilled. It’s sweet and poignant and feels like a surprise bouquet of flowers! Publicly — THANK YOU, GREG! I adore you.

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