Gratitude and Joy

Day 276 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Quiet Evenings

The dinner was fabulous, the dishes put away. With a couple glasses of wine at our sides we sat down on the sofa to read, each with a new novel to enjoy. As Enzo slept quietly between us, we locked fingers and smiled at each other. Few words were spoken.

There’s a special kind of peace found when you read in the silence of the setting sun

Ahhh, the joy of a quiet evening.

It’s been a while since we’ve truly had a quiet evening together, one where the TV isn’t playing some movie or a binge-worthy series. Or when we haven’t been engaged in discussions about hobbies, chores, plans, or Greg’s work. Depending on the evening, Enzo might be in a playful mood, requiring constant attention. Don’t get me wrong, these evenings are still wonderful, but it makes me truly grateful for those times when there’s little sound but the rustling of the turning page, the humming of the air conditioner, and the gentle snoring of a puppy.

Enzo naps on my leg as I read.

When we travel, we find these quiet evenings in abundance. Perhaps it is because we’re less focused on the typical patterns of the day, instead enjoying all the things to mull over that new places bring. We don’t turn on the TV, often turning to a good book we’ve brought. Savoring the fresh flavors of a good meal and perhaps still sipping on a glass (or bottle) of wine, we’ll often just sit and watch the sunset from halfway around the world. It is a truly joyous way to spend time together.

Greg found the perfect place to sit and watch the sun begin to set in Tuscany.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Take some time to do absolutely nothing and enjoy the quiet evenings along your journey.

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