Gratitude and Joy

Day 296 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – A Dream Comes True

I think it’s truly amazing how when you take action on a long-desired project, things just fall into place.

Ever since Judy and I moved into our new Arizona home, we wanted to customize the garage a bit. Growing up, garages tended to be dingy dumping grounds for all the detritus one collects during a life. Being “car people,” we wanted our garage to be a bit more of a showcase for our little Fiat sports car, so we bought some prints and posters, made sure our storage solutions were neat and organized, and even bought a snazzy red cafe set and cappuccino maker to help set the scene.

Our cafe set gave us a place to sit when we were working in the garage.

That wasn’t enough. When we added another vehicle we knew we needed a change. We talked to some experts about floor coverings and signed on the dotted line to have Cardinal Concrete Coatings lay down a sparkling gray-with-red-flecks epoxy floor. Agreeing on an installation date set the wheels in motion.

Before the new floor.

Ahead of the floor coating, we got out paint brushes and rollers to cover-up the original beige paint with a monochromatic silver/gray. We added an accent wall of flashy red.

The professionals came out to fix-up the floor, cleaning, scouring and prepping the concrete surface for the new finish. 

Step one: Get the concrete ready for the application.

The flakes are cast in a random pattern, which gives the floor a look of depth … and fun! It’s scraped and smoothed and allowed to set up.

Once the flakes are spread, they are scraped to ensure a smooth surface.

After that the epoxy is smoothed over the top for the shiny, easy-to-keep-clean finish. The garage looks amazing! In a few more hours we can pull the cars back in where the colors will  complement and showcase our white and red cars.

The brand new floor needs 24 hours to completely dry.

Our red and black-themed organization bins were a consideration when we chose the colors, so the needed storage space blends seamlessly. 

Color coordinated storage gives us a professional look.

I know that for some, feeling joy about a garage is a bit of a stretch, but for me, it makes me smile every time I come home to it. I am truly grateful that Judy and I decided to take the plunge.

The garage art is already back on the walls and it’s looking great.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Make a decision and go for it!

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