Gratitude and Joy

Day 295 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Creativity

In January I took a class to learn how to fuse glass. For the most part, it’s my first-ever hobby. I’m working on it, learning loads of new techniques and having fun. My biggest challenge is coming up with things to make — and what to do with them.

I’ve created a few things that are worth putting on a shelf.

Over the weekend, our neighborhood put on a little expo for all the clubs we can join. The glass club (and other creative arts clubs) had items created by members for sale. I wandered the booths of glass club members in awe.

One member creates bowls and votives that look like fringed paper.
I’m not ready to branch out into stained glass, but seeing the exceptional creativity of these designs is inspiring.

Often I run into a small handful of fellow artists at the studio where anyone can see what others are working on. It’s fun to listen to them discussing new techniques and share tips and tricks.

Club members share their expertise with others looking to learn new techniques.

But at the expo, there were finished projects that had my jaw dropping. They inspired me to keep at it and get a few things made for gifts and our use around the house.

Cute little Christmas snowmen have me thinking about gift ideas.
Trays, spoon rests, little plates and so much more to think about.

Nearby there were woodcrafters and pottery makers showing off (and selling) their works of art. I’m not ready to branch out into another medium, but I managed to pick up a long-coveted wooden pizza peel from a wood crafter. 

A wood crafter had this pizza peel for sale. I bought it.

The imagination and creativity of my friends and neighbors brings me incredible joy. I am grateful for the chance to see their work and learn how to try to recreate it myself. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Let the world’s creativity inspire you.

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