Gratitude and Joy

Day 304 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Fancy Little Things

There are things around my house that I have acquired throughout my life that always make me feel just a little special. Those few things I’ve discovered on trips that were so awesome I tracked down a source and made them a part of my everyday life.

One of those things is the little carafe with a matching glass that serves as a lid. It lives on my nightstand next to the bed. If I want a little water in the middle of the night, I reach over and pour one out – no getting out of bed necessary. I’ve had one for years since I first used one at a B&B. It makes me feel a little fancy.

I’ve had to replace the original a few times. This painted one is a favorite.

Somewhere along the way, I ran across an amazing platter on a trip. Getting it home was a challenge, but I still love it. That big platter lives on the wall of the dining room and comes down often to serve meals. It reminds me of that trip and adds something special to the table.

We laugh at how many platters I have “collected” over the years.

When we lived in Germany, our base furniture allowance included a vanity with a lift-up mirrored top. Presumably it was for “the woman of the home,” but my mom didn’t want it. I was surprised when my older sister passed on it, so it became mine. I loved sitting at that vanity to put on my earrings and fix my hair. It wasn’t until we moved into this house that I got a vanity again. Every day I sit there and apply lotion to my face, brush my hair and get ready for the day. I feel like a princess having my own vanity.

My vanity has all the things I use every day close at hand.

In recent days, I’ve shared the story of our new garage floor. It isn’t exactly a fancy “little” thing, but it’s an indulgence that both Greg and I have always wanted that gives us a sense of accomplishment. It was a reminder to both of us that saving up a little and splurging on a lifelong dream is worth the effort. 

Travel is the same. The little extras that we include in our trips, the fancy little (and often useful) souvenirs we bring home that remind us of the joys we’ve experienced, bring us great joy. I’m so grateful for having someone who appreciates the same concept and shares in my joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Smile and enjoy the little things.

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