Gratitude and Joy

Day 327 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Humility

When I first started this blog it was to give myself a challenge. I’ve learned throughout my life that I thrive when I have goals that require a little work — this was one of those. The idea of writing — and publishing — something every single day for an entire year was a bit daunting. I wasn’t at all sure I could get to the end without taking at least a couple of days off.

Thirty-seven days until the end of my blog year. (

Now that I’m less than 6 weeks from the end, I am a lot more confident about reaching 365 … but I can state with certainty I failed in achieving my goal (sort of). That’s because Greg has written a lot of “my” posts. I didn’t expect that. As of today he has written SIXTY of the Gratitude and Joy blogs. That’s a little more than one day off a week.

I sneak a pic of Greg typing every once in a while.

I mentioned that to him yesterday. As we chatted he admitted that he tried to start his own blog, but never had the drive and inspiration required to do it with any regularity. He started the year as my editor and has become something of a co-author. He said my topic has inspired him to not only write more, but actually find more gratitude and joy in his life. What an incredible compliment.

The feeling I get when I’ve made someone happy! (

Then I realized there have been times when I’ve introduced myself to someone new and they have responded, “Are you the one who writes the blog?” When I confirm that, I get something like, “I read your blog every day. I love your outlook!” 

I imagine my readers holding a tablet. (

I’m always a bit surprised and humbled when someone owns up to reading this blog. I usually make a joke and we laugh for a moment, then they say how inspiring and uplifting it is to take a moment to remind themselves to be grateful and happy about the little things. It gives me even greater joy to think I’ve brought that to others. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Find your joy and gratitude and share it with others.

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